Core concepts

The core idea of @marblejs/messaging module is focused around reacting to incoming events.


While you might have used REST as your service communications layer in the past, more and more projects are moving to an event-driven architecture. When a service performs some piece of work that other services might be interested in, that service produces an event — a record of the performed action. Other services consume those events so that they can perform any of their own tasks needed as a result of the event.

Since version 3.0, event-based communication is the framework prime focus of interest. It defines a uniform interface for asynchronous processing of incoming events. The mental model is very similar to other popular libraries that you can find in the frontend, like — redux-observable or ngrx/effects. Both libraries had a huge influence on design and architectural decisions.

Messaging module can be applied to variety of models, including the post popular: queue, "pub/sub"-based microservice communication, CQRS or EventSourcing.


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