Binds injection token to lazy dependency.


import { bindTo, bingLazilyTo } from '@marblejs/core';

Type declaration

bindTo ::  ContextToken -> ContextReader -> BoundDependency
bindLazilyTo ::  bindTo

The function is responsible for binding context token to ContextReader which can be a fp-ts Reader instance or plain a () => T. The function is producing a lazy binding, which means that, the dependency will be evaluated on it's first call (injection).

bindTo is an alias of bindLazilyTo.


import { reader, bindTo, createContextToken } from '@marblejs/core';
import { createServer } from '@marblejs/http';
import { pipe } from 'fp-ts/lib/function';
import * as R from 'fp-ts/lib/Reader';

// create reader

const FooToken = createContextToken<Foo>('FooToken');

const foo = pipe(reader, => {
  const otherDependency = ask(OtherToken);
  return { ... };

// bind reader to token

const boundDependency = bindTo(FooToken)(foo);

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